August 25, 2010

Hazy Days

James came to Cape Cod for a few days while I was there and my dad kept making fun of us for both having our cameras near by at all times.

The difference between us is that my digital camera allows me to take tons of pictures whenever I want but James is a bit more selective. He is working with film, both 35mm and medium format, which ups the ante with each shot.

Needless to say, James took A LOT less photos than I did but I guarantee they are all a lot more beautiful. He thinks hard about each shot and it shows.

I don't always get to see many of James' photos, as surprising as that might sound, but he was nice enough to post these two which I love.

via james1hour


What does everyone think of TOMS shoes?

I kind of love them and think they look really cute but I keep trying them on and I keep leaving them at the store. Maybe they aren't meant for me?

August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesdays are my official day off. I am now only working four days a week, although they are ten+ hour days, but four days is four days people and although Tuesday could quite possibly be the worst day to have off, its all I've got.

Currently, I am headed out a doctors appointment and a little workout session and need to get some good tuneage for my hours on the subway. Yesterday turned into podcast Monday as I listened to about five podcasts while commuting and working out so today is all about the music.

Here's to Tuesdays!

August 22, 2010

Martha's Vineyard

Part of my vacation included a little getaway to Martha's Vineyard with some college friends. It was basically sunny beaches, frothy drinks and a lot of catching up. If you haven't been to Martha's Vineyard it is most certainly a place to put on your list for next summer. SUURREEE it is filled with gigantic mansions and ice cream cones that cost $6.00 BUT it is so so beautiful. Lucky for me, one of my best friends has a summer home there so we were treated to a seriously excellent weekend.

While we were there, we used the power of technology for good and were able to Skype with our friend Troung who is currently serving his time in the Peace Corps in a remote village in Indonesia. We quickly put down our margaritas as he described his devotion to Ramadan and the Muslim culture--no eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset. Needless to say, we ate and drank for Troung over the weekend. It was so great to see him and finally hear about his awesome adventure while simultaneously realizing how boring all our lives are in comparison. ha!

Hopefully this is a tradition that lasts for a long time--it was a perfect weekend with great friends.

Cape Cod Livin'

I'm lucky enough to have been able to take 10 days off of work and head to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. If you haven't heard me complain enough about how NYC summer has not felt like summer at all--this Massachusetts vacation definitely did the trick for filling me up with summer fun.

Not only did I get to see my whole family but tons of great friends, pretty beaches and tons of delicious food. It was really wonderful. I feel so lucky that I was able to string together that many vacation days and head out of the city.

I have such vivid memories of summer in Cape Cod. I have been there every single summer since I was born and hope to continue that tradition for the rest of my years no matter where I might be living at the time. It seems slightly unbelievable that it is almost Labor Day and that summer will be behind us but Cape Cod gave me ten days of gorgeous summer and that is pretty much all this fair skinned lady can take anyway.

August 3, 2010

Don't Wait

My job has taught me a lot of things this past year.

Appreciate everything. Don't take things for granted.

Set short term goals and don't forget to celebrate the small victories with the large ones.

Looking people in the eye and remembering someone's name can mean more than you might think.

As cliche as it might sound, a friendly smile can really warm up a room.

Don't take yourself too seriously--enjoy.

I think the most important lesson I've learned this year is Don't Wait. Don't wait to say all the things you've been meaning to say to all those people you've been meaning to say it to. Don't wait to take that class or learn a new skill. Don't wait to go on that trip or plan that next move. It's hard to say all of this without sounding morbid but its true--life gets so messy. The unexpected can happen at any moment and you really just never know. I am constantly reminded how lucky I am and always get a little bit of perspective on days that I don't feel so lucky. There is a lot to be thankful for and sometimes we all need to be reminded.

August 2, 2010

Takin' It Easy

I'm only working four days a week now. How does that sound to you? Because for me, I was totally psyched. Granted, the four days I am working are ten hour days that could be longer than ten hours BUT that one whole day of work free bliss is totally worth it.

Today was my first Monday not working. Mondays were basically randomly assigned as my day off and I'm not even sure it will be permanent, but I'm not complaining. Three day weekends? Count me in.

So today, I took it easy. Well, kind of. I bopped down to Brooklyn to drop off some admissions materials for potentially taking a class in the fall (aka stress city) but after that I did a lot of perfectly wonderful day off things. Farmers Market cherry tomatoes, corn and flowers found their way into my bag and somehow I ended up having gelatto for lunch. Oh and then by accident I got a pedicure. Don't judge, its the summer.

I know that its pretty possible my "off day" will become my day of studying and errands and workouts--but not today.