August 25, 2010

Hazy Days

James came to Cape Cod for a few days while I was there and my dad kept making fun of us for both having our cameras near by at all times.

The difference between us is that my digital camera allows me to take tons of pictures whenever I want but James is a bit more selective. He is working with film, both 35mm and medium format, which ups the ante with each shot.

Needless to say, James took A LOT less photos than I did but I guarantee they are all a lot more beautiful. He thinks hard about each shot and it shows.

I don't always get to see many of James' photos, as surprising as that might sound, but he was nice enough to post these two which I love.

via james1hour

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  1. LOVE the second photo. It made me go and check out his flickr and website. He really has an eye for what to catch with the camera.