September 21, 2010

Birthday Season

When I was little and the summer was winding down I was probably more excited for my birthday than for the start of school. It always seemed to me that everyone else had a birthday but mine kept being skipped. Of course that wasn't true at all and I was just being impatient but when your little you are, perhaps, a little less realistic.

My birthday falls on September 2 which, on a good year, didn't fall on the first day of school. Now that I'm no longer in school I don't have to be worried that my birthday will have to be celebrated during first period. This year my birthday fell during Labor Day weekend and I'm lucky enough to have such a wonderful friend like Jen who just happened to need a cat sitter during that weekend and who just happens to live in a beautiful apartment. I moved over to Jen's apartment in Brooklyn for the long weekend and celebrated my birthday all weekend long.

(Photo taken by James--this little guy is Oscar stretching in the window @ Jen's apartment)

James took me to dinner at Downtown Atlantic and then to icecream at Blue Marble (which, if your in the BK area you must must try because it is delicious each and every flavor). Saturday night I had a few friends from over to celebrate with drinks and food and ended up laughing the whole night. I was a pretty lucky girl this year and really felt loved.

I love birthdays, mine AND yours, and really believe everyone deserves a special day. James' birthday is coming up this weekend and I'm hoping to be able to make his as special as he made mine. We shall see!

(P.S. I'm totally ignoring the fact that I haven't blogged in a month so you should too--but follow along because I'm back!)

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