September 22, 2010


Since we're discussing birthdays and all that comes with them, one of my favorite ways to celebrate another year is cake. I am not very particular when it comes to cake and the form it comes in. Cupcakes, ice cream cakes, lemon cakes or chocolate cakes--I will eat it. Now, in all honesty, I'm a girl who likes sweets so it really doesn't have to be a birthday celebration for me to be enjoying cake but it just tastes so much better on your birthday.

In planning for James' big day I encounter a problem that I always encounter when baking for James--he doesn't like sweets. Not only does he not really like sweets--HE DOESN'T LIKE CHOCOLATE! As a chocolate lover, this poses a big problem. The no chocolate rule coupled with the 'I don't really like vanilla that much either and oh by the way I really don't like cake' is trouble. No cake on your birthday? Did I hear you correctly? Yes, yes I did.

I have found a few items James will eat willingly but really only one that he enjoys a lot. I wish I had a picture here to show you but it is a crumb cake--from a box. FROM A BOX! I mean come on, I'm willing to make you a three layer triple chocolate mousse cake and you want crumb cake from a box? Yes he does.

So crumb cake from a box it is and I'll just have to whip up a batch of cupcakes for me. Now that I'm thinking of it, I didn't even have any cupcakes or cake this year on my birthday! Anyone want to whip me up on of these?

via smitten kitchen

I promise I'm not picky.


  1. woah....don't lie to your readers

    I like vanilla. I'm just not overly excited about desserts. My mom makes a great vanilla cake that I've loved for years...

    You are my second favorite baker but the best girlfriend a guy could ask for.

  2. * cough * I believe some of the good looking folks at work supplied some cupcakes. Granted, it wasn't your birthday "day" but it was the good looking folks at work.

    This is the first blog I have ever commented on, by the way.