May 3, 2011

San Fransisco

In the past two weeks I have been on 5 airplanes and visited or touched down in 4 states! Phew. I'm kind of glad I'm back in NY but I had an excellent time in California and Kentucky (more on that later).

I stayed in Palo Alto but I ventured around with my friend Katie to Sausalito, San Fransisco, and Temecula. We did some touristy things like the Golden Gate Bridge and some fun things like a San Fransisco Giants game!

California was both very differennt than I had expected and also right on track with some ideas I had. It is the laid back style that I assumed it was (at least in Northern Cali where I was) and had some gorgeously breathtaking landscapes that I had always seen in pictures. It was not however the sun drenched beachville I thought it might be (I'm going to have to head down to the LA area for that next time). I was most surprised and interested by the super health conscious lifestyle that almost everyone seemed to lead. Bikes ruled the road and there were delicious organic restaurants all over the place. Although I don't think I could live on that coast for long, the health minded people are very much my style.

California was beautiful and I'm glad I made the trip!