August 2, 2010

Takin' It Easy

I'm only working four days a week now. How does that sound to you? Because for me, I was totally psyched. Granted, the four days I am working are ten hour days that could be longer than ten hours BUT that one whole day of work free bliss is totally worth it.

Today was my first Monday not working. Mondays were basically randomly assigned as my day off and I'm not even sure it will be permanent, but I'm not complaining. Three day weekends? Count me in.

So today, I took it easy. Well, kind of. I bopped down to Brooklyn to drop off some admissions materials for potentially taking a class in the fall (aka stress city) but after that I did a lot of perfectly wonderful day off things. Farmers Market cherry tomatoes, corn and flowers found their way into my bag and somehow I ended up having gelatto for lunch. Oh and then by accident I got a pedicure. Don't judge, its the summer.

I know that its pretty possible my "off day" will become my day of studying and errands and workouts--but not today.

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