February 21, 2011

O's: Inception

Soo--Oscar week is upon us and lets just say that I haven't quite completed the whole task yet! I'm getting there! Do I want to see True Grit? No I don't. Will I see it? I'm not sure yet, I still have some time.

Over the weekend James and I watched 'Inception'. Now let met say this, it is really hard to get two people together who don't live together to watch a movie. There are so many other great things to be doing together out and about in the world rather than staying home to watch a movie but sometimes, at least for me, that is all I feel like doing.

So, we watched Inception. Thankfully he was here with me so I could pause and ask some questions that went something like, "Now, explain to me the last 30 minutes we watched?" and "Okay, so which dream are we in and how in the hell did we get here?"--it is a complicated flick!

That being said, it is an interesting idea with a superstar cast.

That being said, I fell asleep with 30 minutes to go in the movie.

That being said, it is entertaining (mostly) but definitely requires undivided attention, something that I apparently wasn't ready to give.

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