February 20, 2011

O's: The Kids Are All Right

I think I posted about this movie way back in the summer? when James and I went to see it--but I loved this flick. Annette Benning is one of my favorite actresses of all time (The American President is basically my fav movie ever--go rent it) and she was excellent in this film too.

It is a modern take on marriage, intimacy, love and life. I really enjoyed the relationships that were created throughout--making it a believable interpretation of how things can get messy but love can prevail.

I could probably watch this movie a few more times (which says a lot for me considering I hate watching most movies twice) and hope you all get to see it.

Again, since it didn't have as much BUZZ as Black Swan or The King's Speech I don't think it would win for Best Picture but it most certainly deserves to stand amongst the other nominees.

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