February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tunes

Thank god for the ipod, right? Now, I'm not one of those people who keeps up with all the new music trends (in fact, when watching The Grammy's I basically felt like I had aged 25 years and was so lost in all those new trendy tunes--Esperanza Spalding? who?) but I do like to listen when I'm on the train.

I like to drown people out as they sniffle from Times Square to Soho (get a tissue! here--have mine!) and music is a really good way to do that for me.

I tend to listen to the same tracks over and over and over--rarely varying from my favorite albums of the month. Music comes in waves for me--I'll get really tired of the same old stuff and go on a hunt for something new and then listen to that for three months straight.

Here is a peak of my favorites for the past few months (I usually get my inspiration for new music from blogs--so if you are sick of your music maybe this will help!)

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