July 5, 2010

Brooklyn Flea

It was pretty hot as we bopped around the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday but we really enjoyed it. James and I agreed that if we had some cash left over there would have been a lot of things we could have bought but just really didn't need. However, we did need some food. There were so many delicious food vendors it was hard to choose but ultimately we were satisfied with our picks.

James indulged a bit with this shrimp roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound and it looked delicous. He ate it so quickly there was no time to share!

I, on the other hand, went a little bit of a more untraditional route and had some plum glazed fried chicken. So good. I've been frequenting the farmers market obsessively lately catching all these delicous summer fruits at their peak and Eton did a delicious job with the plum glaze.

As a treat, while we browsed the rest of the goods, we shared a Strawberry Cream pop from people's pops which was the perfect way to end our trip.

I ended up buying something else for myself which I'll share once I can snag a pretty snap of it.

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  1. Very late catching up on my blogs, but just wanted to say that I had an awesome lemonade when I visited for the first time a few weeks ago! Love the flea. :) xo