July 12, 2010


I don't go to the movies enough. I love going--especially in the summer. You can count on the AC being set to high and the snacks to be plentiful. I wish I went more often but lets be honest, its an expensive little date night and also there really haven't been very good movies out lately.

I went through a big movie kick during the Oscars, as you can remember, but have taken some time off since then and basically haven't missed much!

BUT--James and I had a little movie date on Friday night (with the help of an AMC gift card) and I was reminded how wonderful going to the movies can be.

We ended up seeing The Kids Are Alright starring Annette Bening and Julianne Moore and it was good. I really enjoyed it (James thought some of the dialogue was pointless) but overall it is entertaining and thought provoking.

Annette Bening's character struck particularly close for me as some of her highlighted character flaws in the movie might just be some of the same exact flaws I have.

You know the type overplannercomeonmakesomeplansandyoubetterdoitrightbecauseithastobedoneexactlyhowiwant it.

RIGHT. No one's perfect! ha!

Check it out:

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