July 5, 2010


4th of July weekend went by too fast, as three day weekends usually do, and here I am on Monday night thinking about a busy work week ahead of me. As enjoyable as holidays are, they make for a busy week after. It feels wrong to be focusing on that, especially after a summery weekend, but alas I have never been going at staying in the moment. Onward!

There was a heat wave here this weekend folks and I think if anything was learned this weekend it was the heat + Kelley = grumpy. While I might have been a bit testy, admittedly, throughout the weekend there was also a lot of good things that got done. Numero uno being that James and I installed my AC which made it bearable to live. He deserves a million dollars and a trip to the moon for putting up with my antics while getting that thing in the window.

There was good food, a trip to the Brooklyn Flea, Central Park adventures and lunch with Becky, my lovely friend. As much as the heat sucks all the positivity right out of me, it feels like summer and summer is fun. Summer is ice cream and trips to the beach--summer is corn on the cob and peaches from the farmer's market. I should apologize to Summer for cursing her name this weekend, she isn't so bad.

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