June 29, 2010


Woah--talk about going away for a few days and needing a few days when you get back to get your life together. All I can say is, my clothes from the past three weeks that were strewn about are hung up (no small task for me as hanging clothes up ranks right up there with fighting the crowds at Trader Joe's on a Saturday afternoon) and I actually prepared a few delicious salads from my farmers market loot.

I am finding my way again.

Needless to say, I'm sorting through pictures from my relaxing getaway to VT and it just reminds me how beautiful it is there. We had a great weekend filled with long walks, farm animals, strawberry picking and classic movies. It was exactly what it should have been and I'm lucky to have gone!

More stories to come in bits and pieces this week but here are a few great snaps from our weekend o' country livin'.

(Again, if these pictures were larger they would look a little bit nicer--aka click them cause I said so!)

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