June 22, 2010

Country Girl

James and I are headed to Vermont for the weekend. Getting out of the city is one thing--but heading to Vermont is another. It is beautiful there, especially this time of year. Farm stands, strawberry fields, sheep and tall grass. I can't wait.

We talk a lot about the city vs. the country. Which is better? Can you have the best of both worlds? Do you have to choose to be one or the other? I just don't know. I suppose you travel and you try both and things fall into place. Right?

(taken last year on our trip to VT)

I plan to breathe in all the clean air, sit in the sun and do some antique shopping. James plans to catch the sunrise with his camera (I plan to sleep and dream country dreams of horses. )

I keep saying to James, "But we have to find some horses!" and he is quick to refer to our COMPLETELY DEVOTED TO HORSES vacation we just went on. Oh well, I'm always looking for them and if not in the country, than where?!

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh City and Country mice. There were never any suburbs-of-a-city mice in history, were there?

    I couldn't love Brooklyn more for where I am right now, both in life and age. But I hate hearing little kids curse in the subway and I hate watching gangs of little girls patrol Brooklyn Heights and it makes me sad that our friend's daughter can't play soccer because of all the PCBs found on the soccer field in Red Hook. :(

    How about city now and country later? Then you can be my neighbor and my kids can ride your horses and your kids can come over to learn French. Deal?

    PS Enjoy Vermont- I love it there so, so much. xo