May 31, 2010

Weekend Wanderings: CT!

This weekend James and I ventured to Monroe, CT to spend the holiday weekend with Lauren and Pat. We did everything from frisbee to sushi. HA! Sushi? On Memorial Day Weekend? What about the burgers? No. When your with Pat and Lauren, its all about the Asian Cuisine. We did have some delicious shrimp and chicken kabobs--so no, it wasn't all about the raw fish.

We went and wandered around in Huntington State Park and enjoyed the sunny day. ALLEGEDLY, there are beavers there. I SAW NO BEAVERS. Oh sure, I saw the hard work beavers might do to make their dams but I never did come across a beaver in the flesh or the fur or whatever. I mean, I'm coming off a weekend of seeing herds of wild horses. BEAVERS?! I'm less than impressed. (I'm kidding--it was a beautiful park but we were not very successful in finding those pesky creatures)

It was so nice to be out of the city and back amongst the beautiful trees! and flowers! and back yard bbq's and parks! James and I took a walk around Pat's neighborhood before dinner one night and saw kids playing soccer in the front yard of their house and another family having a big Memorial Day Weekend party. We could hear the lawnmowers in the distance and could smell the fresh cut grass. It was perfect. It was Summer. It just doesn't feel like summer to me here in NYC. Summer is a big grill outside fired up with dinner and sand in the car from a trip to the beach. I think I need to make my own summer memories here so I don't need to escape the big apple every weekend.

I ventured into the hot hot city today after we got back to go to the farmers market in Union Square. I bought an unholy amount of strawberries because they are so damn sweet and this ultra pretty bouquet of flowers.

Good weekend with great friends--hoping there are many more this summer.

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