June 2, 2010

Summer Party

I wish I had my own apartment. I wish it was airy and light and had tons of windows. I wish there was a big back patio with a table big enough to fit all my friends. I wish little sparkle lights could be strung up all around and that there were fresh flowers everywhere.

I wish I had all this so I could host some summer parties. I want to play hostess.

Some would call me a people pleaser. Is that a bad thing? Maybe not. But I just want to bring together good people, serve up delicious food and summer cocktails. I want folksy music bopping away in the background and happy people chatting together.

I mean seriously, could this sound any more CHEESY! BUT, I WANT IT. Okay, now I'm just whining. But for real, some one lend me their apartment so I can host a party? I promise to clean up.

IF I had the venue for such an occasion it would be filled with things like these:

Pretty place cards from Timeless Paper via Felt & Wire Shop

Lilac Bouquets like the one via flower school

ROOTBEER FLOAT CUPCAKES (obviously) via smitten kitchen

I'd play music like this:


I swear it would be fun. Let's make it happen.


  1. My mom's been snooping around a "teachers only" website to help with some NYC options. There's still hope. Otherwise you can play hostess in my CT backyard.