March 7, 2010


Do you ever think about how you follow a certain path each day without variation? Think about it.

Maybe you take a left out of the subway, walk three blocks and cross the street. Then you stop for a cup of coffee, pick up the paper from the guy on the corner and swing through the revolving doors into your building.

Maybe you leave work everyday and head to the gym. You use locker #472 and run 30 minutes on the treadmill. You lay in the stretching area and do 100 crunches, wipe your mat clean and grab your stuff.

Maybe your like me. Maybe you get home from work, drop all your stuff on the floor and sit on your bed. You survey the mess you just made but lay back slowly and stop caring. Then you whip up a quick, mostly unsatisfying meal and retreat back to your room to check your email. You slowly peruse your favorite blogs and tweets and then think WHY AM I ON THE COMPUTER, I AM ON THE COMPUTER ALL DAY LONG, MUST STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. GOD HELP ME.


Although I tend to have the same evening routine, I try really hard to vary my day. It seems like little things, such as, getting up a little earlier occasionally so I can watch the 'Today Show' or walking up Third Avenue to the subway instead of Lexington can make all the difference. Sometimes I'll treat myself to takeout for dinner instead of cooking or I'll take a yoga class instead of hitting the treadmill. But always always always--I am happy with a little variation.

I'm going to try to keep this up. Straying a little bit from your 'normal' routine breaks up the day and makes the monotony of life a little more exciting!

Switch it up a little, you might be surprised!

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