March 9, 2010

la familia abrazada

Ever since meeting a certain someone (see here, here and here) I have been thrown into the world of photography. Its kind of amazing how there are all these groups of people out there that you didn't even know existed until you meet someone who is a part of it. Although I'll admit, I fade in and out a bit on some of the longer photography rambles that I listen to and I've been known to put up a bit of a fight when a camera is snapping away and I haven't even had my COFFEE yet; I look at a lot of photography on my own now.

One of the flickr groups James has shown me is la familia abrazada. Not only does this group play into my very favorite things (adorable children and achingly cute families)--but also the photos are beautiful.

Photo by moranaya

Photo by Ben Anderson

Photo by diada

Photo by Jean-Luc Weber

One of the best parts of sharing your life with another person is learning more about things you had no idea existed or were developed as much as they are--and for me photography is just that. I found my own little part of this world that the person I love LOVES and I wanted to share.

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