March 7, 2010

Movie Magic

You might be wondering where my thoughts on Avatar, Inglorious Bastards and District 9 are. Most likely, you aren't wondering. BUT just incase you have been following my journey through the Oscars--well, I didn't really get to the finish line.

But really, from the minute the Avatar craze hit--I avoided it. I don't really like these big epic movies with blue people and flying and 3D glasses. I know I know--its the best movie you've ever seen and you were so blown away by it that you are going to quit reading my blog because I didn't watch it. Fine. BUT in my defense, this is so totally my style to say I'm going to see all the Oscar nominated films but actually see all of them except the three I have absolutely no interest in and after all, this is my blog!

And I know, Avatar is going to win and then this whole process will be a sham but I truly loved some of the movies I saw and am so glad I did see them. I'm looking forward to watching the star studded event and laughing along with Steve Martin (who doesn't love him?) and Alec Baldwin in the hopes they can liven up what is known to be a very looooong evening.

Hope you all got to see some of the flicks too! xo

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  1. Ok, thing number 1: I kind of wanted to see Inglorious Bastards b/c of Brad Pitt and the kid from the office. But all that shooting! I would not sleep til 2014. I kind of feel the same about Precious- like, I might hate humanity a lot more if I see that movie. Actually, same for The Hurt Locker. Let's just be real and say that I can only handle watching animated movies, mmmkay?

    Thing number 2: AWeeeesome update to the blog header! Love the font.