February 16, 2011

Ran, Running, Will Run

So--I've been running. I've been running in the park, in the gym, in Queens and in place. I've been running a lot and I still don't love it. I like it MUCH better than I ever have. Do I love to run? No. Would I consider myself to be a great runner? No. Am I better than when I started? Yes, most definitely.

For me, running is hard. I don't naturally have endurance so I really have to work for each and every minute. The only way I can gain that endurance is through running more and nothing gets you to run MORE than signing up for a race. So, with the inspirational help from Jen I signed up for a race and hit the pavement.

We ran this race last weekend and it felt pretty good. I wasn't dead at the end and I felt a little bit like I belonged. We weren't the last ones to cross the finish line, not that time is something I'm keeping very much track of, and I didn't want to quit running altogether when we were done.

Jen and I are planning a 10K in the spring and I'm kind of excited. Signing up for something makes the hard work feel worth it and lets face it, puts the pressure on. I really didn't think that running was something I could ever claim as something I enjoy but I'm thinking that if I keep this up it might just happen.

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