February 13, 2011

O's: Toy Story 3

What's not to love about Toy Story? I was totally nostalgic watching this movie, as it reminded me of babysitting for this family back at home. When TS1 was really popular, we used to watch and play with Woody and Buzz--this was back when they only had one little boy. Now, that little boy is all grown up and he has two brothers who love these Toy Story movies so much--and so do I.

Toy Story 3 was epically cute and basically just confirms what we already know: growing up is hard!

I loved finding out who all the voices of the toys are--I totally forgot Joan Cusack was the role of 'Jessie' (there is nothing not to love about Joan Cusack!)

Will Toy Story 3 win for best picture? Probably not. I feel like it is hard for a Pixar movie to compete against a giant like Black Swan or The King's Speech but it is certainly worth a watch if you have kids or even if you don't!

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