February 3, 2011

2011 O's: The Fighter

James makes fun of me because I have this affinity for movies about/in/around/surrounding/anything Massachusetts. I don't know if it is the accents or the familiar territory, but its true. I grew up right outside Boston and can't help myself--I just love those classically Bostonion movies and The Fighter was no exception.

The cast was excellent and I was especially surprised by Melissa Leo, nominated for Best Actress in her role as the mother--I hadn't even heard of her before but thought she was both convincing and entertaining. (Interesting article about her in this weeks NY Magazine which reinforced my newfound love!)

It is most certainly worth seeing--even if you didn't grow up right outside Boston and your dad isn't a die hard Celtics fan with the thickest Boston accent you know.

P.S. You don't have to know or care about boxing to be entertained for the two hour film, which I was weary of before seeing but can attest to the fact that I didn't care about boxing and still don't--but did love The Fighter!

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