January 25, 2011

Morning Coffee

This, my friends, is one of my favorite new toys. Coffee on demand. This little Keurig machine has been such an excellent addition to my kitchen. Not only has it saved me some money but on cold snowy weekend mornings I don't have to bundle up (or send James out! haha!) to get a cup of coffee. I can make one and enjoy it in a mug! A mug!

My favorite way to drink coffee--is in a mug. Paper cups or to-go mugs are much less satisfying for me. Weird? Maybe. Don't judge.

I've bought some coffee online and my BFF Lauren was sweet enough to buy me a variety pack as a treat. For those of you who have a Keurig of your own, my favorite kinds are the Donut Shop and the Millstone Hazelnut Cream.

(Today is my last free Tuesday until my class starts--I had TWO cups of coffee while watching morning television and I loved every second of it. Next Tuesday, I'll be taking the train before the sun comes up to dissect animals and learn about your blood vessels. Which kind of Tuesday sounds better to you?)

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