January 11, 2011

Home Remedies

I used to consider myself a semi skeptical person when it came to healing/fixing/curing something with an unconventional method. That was until, after many attempts to rid my foot of a plantars wart (yeah--this blog is about warts now, 2011!) I read online that if you soaked your foot in a tub of apple cider vinegar, your wart would disappear. Now, I was willing to try it because after TWO YEARS, I wanted this thing gone.

Now let me tell you: Wart + Apple Cider Vinegar = NO WART!

I am now the biggest home remedy fan on the planet. Any ailment, in my mind, can be eased or even cured with a combination of household items.

Canker sore? Baking soda! Salt water!

Pesky pimple? Toothpaste!

Burn? Baking soda + Milk!

Itchy hives? Oatmeal bath!

So, when I started reading a little bit on how you can beautify yourself with kitchen staples--I was thrilled. In college, Lauren (my bff) and I started mixing white vinegar with a little lavendar extract (to mask the smell) to put in our hair to make it shine a little bit more. It worked like a charm and while I haven't done this in a while, Lauren is still using this method regularly.

I came across this article on design*sponge about using avacados for winter hair care and can't wait to try it.

photo via design*sponge

If you are a skeptic, I can understand, but it is going to be hard to resist my temptation to say told you so when you have a terrible sunburn this July and are bathing in a tub of black tea!

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  1. Is it weird if I want to eat that hair care?