May 26, 2010


Lately, I've been reading mysteries. Never have I been the thriller type but having been a bit sick of my usual reads filled with heartbreak and/or drama and/or babies (I swear I'm semi educated despite my interest in less than scholarly reads) -- I decided to switch to a new genre.

Now let me make this clear, if you see me reading a book that is even a tiny bit science fictiony mystery thriller--you are seeing a girl that looks like me but is most certainly not me. I don't do fantasy. Never saw Lord of The Rings, never read Harry Potter and don't even get me started on the Twilight series. I just don't do it. My feet are waaaayyy to firmly planted in reality and my imagination comes to a dead stop when an alien enters the picture. Seriously, ALIENS?!

Anyway, my new fond love for more drama based mysteries with a bit of a story behind them and for good measure, throw in a little tiny love story amongst the detectives started with this book:

In The Woods by Tana French (via here)

I loved it. Read it--the next one is called The Likeness and its just as good. BUT, I need another mystery to get attached to. Help?

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  1. If you like the TV series Bones, check out Kathy Reich's books. I've read all but the last, and they're pretty quick reads.