March 3, 2010

Oscar Buzz: A Serious Man

(via imdb)

Maybe--I'm not smart enough? Or maybe this film was a little too dark for a Sunday afternoon? But I didn't really like it. It was a highly intellectualized and super dark film and while it wasn't that the content went over my head but more that well, I didn't really care? Not really making much of a case for this (to be fair, I probably wouldn't have ever watched this had it not been for this little project) so maybe I went into it with a bad attitude. OR MAYBE, it was the fact that I was also watching the Olympics and that was much more entertaining. Okay, I was watching curling. In my opinion, curling was more entertaining than this film. CURLING PEOPLE!! Does curling entertain you? No, I didn't think so.

Okay, I'm off to watch another flick. This one is a bit more more 'uplifting'! Stay tuned.

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