March 30, 2010

My Friend Jen

Jen is one of my good friends. I met Jen through James. Jen is James' best friend's sister. You got it? Good.

Oh, thats not Jen. That's Oscar. Oscar is Jen's cat. You got it? Good.

This is Jen.

Jen has quickly become one of my good friends. She has helped inspire me to kick my blog into high gear, be creative and think! She very well could be one of the smartest women I know--oh and also, shes a riot. If you like to laugh, you should head to Trader Joe's in Brooklyn and search the aisles for Jen. No no, she doesn't live inside the TJ's but she does love to shop there and it is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM HER APARTMENT. Are you jealous yet? I am.

Speaking of her apartment, I am cat/house/seedling sitting for Jen and her boyfriend Chris since they are heading to Seattle for a little vaca. Not only is their apartment right across the street from TJ's but its a beautiful place in an adorable neighborhood and its mine (and Oscar the cats) for the next few days. Although I am keeping their plants alive and feeding their feline, I kind of feel like they are giving me something--a little vacation of my own.

Oh, those are just the seedlings I am in charge of for a few days. No big deal, they aren't important to her or anything--she only STARTED A BLOG ABOUT THEM! No pressure.

Now, lets just hope that Oscar doesn't jump off the deck and the plants don't all die. Send positive thoughts my way.

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