March 24, 2010


Do you have HBO? I don't.

Do you wish you had HBO? I do, sometimes.

Luckily, I have a few people in my life who DO have HBO and because of that I found two things that I loved. One is 'Grey Gardens'. A short film with Drew Barrymore (I mean seriously, is she not the coolest chick ever? I'd be friends with her in a second if she'd have me) and Jessica Lange. It's a portrayal of Beale family, a mother and daughter duo--all I can say is watch it and then when your done, YouTube some old footage of the REAL Beale duo and see how insanely similar the movie is to the real thing.

Second is 'In Treatment'. I could talk about this show all day but seriously, if you are curious about people and love good looking older men (see: lead actor Gabriel Bryne)--this show is for you. Granted, its been on for two seasons and each season is about 10 weeks long, 5x a week, 30 min per day. It's a COMMITMENT. Every show is a different one on one therapy session between Gabriel Bryne and his client. I was obsessed. In fact, don't watch this show. It is addicting and if you don't have time but you fall in love with the show you'll stop reading my blog and lets be honest, I could use all the readers I can get.

Enjoy, but don't blame me if your whole weekend is filled with 'In Treatment' On Demand.

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