February 28, 2010


Everyone makes plans. Some people plan ahead of time, way ahead of time. Some people plan their meals for the week and others their outfits for the next day, the night before. Some people plan trips for their family or dinner parties with friends. Some people plan to do this or plan to do that, but don't ever actually get those things accomplished. Regardless, in some capacity, everyone makes plans.

I like to plan ahead. Okay, I like to plan way ahead and I don't really like to even entertain the thought of what will happen if I deviate from that plan. I like to figure it out all, get everything organized and charge through my tasks. I am definitely capable of getting sidetracked or staying in bed a little too late but sooner or later I'm going to get things done. I see things that could happen years from now, mentally plan them and consider it done. If something in my life now happens to change and I know it will alter the course of all my laid out plans, I get a little nervous.

Now you're thinking, okay this girl is a little nuts but don't worry I'm thinking it too.

Is planning a bad thing? Does planning get in the way of my ability to let go and just see where the wind takes me? BIG PICTURE: will planning inhibit me from just living?

I am slowly learning that not everyone needs to plan out every detail of their life in order to succeed. Some people (and I'm just figuring out that I might actually be a little jealous of this type) can just go with the flow. WHO KNEW?! You mean to tell me that some people aren't planning their weddings and their babies and their funerals when their 22? What's that you say, they are just 'letting things happen'? I'm unfamiliar with this concept all together. Does this actually work?

By planning and organizing such a rigid schedule for my life maybe I'm missing out on some of the best things that could be happening to me or will happen to me in the future. I think I need to just let go a little bit--be more present and enjoy the day to day and the now instead of trying to plan eight years ahead.

We'll see how it goes.

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