February 9, 2010

Part Two!

I couldn't resist posting the second part of this series a bit early; this one titled "Does He Love You?" written by Pasha Malla of TMN. For some reason these articles stayed with me ever since I discovered them last year. Not only did they make me laugh but they felt very real. Everyones ideas of love and even Valentines Day for that matter, are different. Had a debate today with some co-workers about this holiday and while some claimed it to be 'totally made up!' others, like myself, had a space in their heart reserved for such a sappy day. Call me a sucker but a good love story gets me every time!

My favorite section of this article reads, "If the first time he meets your parents he talks for the entire dinner in that weird, overly enunciated, slightly high-pitched voice he uses for phone interviews for jobs he never gets—what you assume he thinks sounds polite but just comes across as effete and pitiful, and also somehow British—and when it’s time for good-byes outside the restaurant he hugs your mom a little too long and shakes your dad’s hand a little too vigourously and thanks them—again—for “the splendid meal,” smiling, smiling, and then as your folks drive away in a flash the gaiety sags into total, annihilated exhaustion—he loves you, the poor guy. Parents are hard!"

Read the whole article here.

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