February 8, 2010

How do you know?

If you don't already know The Morning News, then you are seriously missing out. This totally thoughtful, funny and interesting 'news source' is a must read. In keeping with my Valentines Day posts, I have to share a truly witty article about what else--but LOVE!

Photo by Cortnie Dee

The article, titled 'Does She Love You', is one mans take on that ultimate question of how do you know?!

My favorite section reads "If she hides your shoes when you’re late for work, and from a supine position on the couch plays “Hot/Cold,” and, finally, after 15 minutes of you ignoring her screaming, “Boiling! Burning up!” every time you stalk angrily by the dishwasher, gets up, flips it open to reveal the shoes, sitting there among the plates, and hands them over with a kiss and a giggle, and then laughs some more as you tie your laces in a silent rage: She loves you."

Read the whole story here and check back tomorrow for TMN's answer to "Does He Love You?"

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