February 25, 2010

Oscar Buzz: The Blind Side

Let me just say, 'The Blind Side' was the perfect feel good movie. Great story (even better because its true) that makes you feel all warm inside when its over.

BUT--as much as this post is about the movie, its really about Sandra Bullock.

(via IMDB)

(A little note for Sandra Bullock)

Dear Sandra,
I loved you in this film. You were great. No seriously Sandra, you've come a loooonnngggg way from 'Miss. Congeniality'. OH, I did love you in 'Speed' but that was in 1994 and I'd almost forgotten about you by now! You have been nominated for BEST ACTRESS and BEST PICTURE, WOAH! I've had my doubts about you Sandra but not anymore. I'm really glad you chose to do 'The Blind Side' (don't worry, if you win no one will remember you were in 'Two Weeks Notice'!) you have totally redeemed yourself in my book. You rocked it out in 'The Blind Side' and I bet your mom is real proud.

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