February 1, 2010


Sometimes it seems like everyone is NYC is moving as a pack. Whether it be waiting for a train door to open so we can all scurry down the stairs and spill onto the street or whether we are waiting for an elevator in the crowded lobby of a skyscraper--people move in packs. Everyone here is coming and going all. the. time.

Its easy to get lost here. Lost in the shuffle, lost in a crowd or just plain lost. For me, it has been increasingly hard to pull myself out of the daily masses and remember that I am just one person or better yet, an INDIVIDUAL! Who knew! Although I travel on the same train schedule as millions of others and although I am part of an institution with over 10,000 employees--I have my own daily routines, interests and habits.

One of my new favorite blogs reminds me everyday how different we all are. It is a collection of photos posted daily by invited guests that show small clips of their life--intimate little moments that remind me that we each have our own story. The photos make me smile and the words give me a glimpse into someone else's life that I may otherwise not have known.

"he linked his warm little arm through mine, told me how good he was at counting. leaned his head against my shoulder and began to count. quietly but with such confidence."

"it gets dark just a little bit later now, just a tiny bit later. it's not much but I'll take it."

"I've been dreaming of airports lately. of road trips and foreign countries. of unfamiliar geographies."

(via habitblog)

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