February 2, 2010


I've given up sugar for a bit. It isn't easy for me as sugar is, well--delicious! But, for a variety of reasons, I'm cutting way way back. But chocolate, with its pretty wrapping and its local feel, might just be my weak spot. Scrumptious and pretty.

(via A CUP OF JO)


  1. Here's the thing: why is white chocolate so shitty? Because it kind of tastes weird, right? Like it's stale or 50% made of plastic? Am I alone here?

    Please do not even get me started white-chocolate-covered raisins.

    But dark chocolate! And milk chocolate goodness! Holy yum.

  2. I'm with Jen ... white chocolate is gross, but dark chocolate is HEAVEN. I bought a bar of mint-flavored dark chocolate and THAT is a yummy combination!

    You can give up sugar, but one square of chocolate a day keeps the doctor away ... at least, that's what they say in France! (not really, but it sounded good, didn't it?)

  3. On Jen's recommendation I've added you to my blog list! Thanks Jen :-)
    I gave up chocolate for a year as a dare when I was 18...chocolate and all chocolate products (including cocoa used as decoration on dessert plates). It was actually not as hard as I thought it would be. Only downside was that at midnight on 1/1/99 my boyfriend gave me a twix bar as a surprise and I ate it and felt TOTALLY ill. It made me realise just how sugary chocolate is!
    Good luck with your challenge of cutting back!