January 16, 2011


Last year I bought a really sweet 2010 calendar that I took apart and strung above my desk. It was really pretty and while not so practical (who is looking up there for the dates?!) it took up some really blank wall space and was filled with gorgeous letterpress design.

If my friend Lauren could comment on this she might tell all of you that I didn't actually hang up that calendar until mayyybeee July but luckily, this is my blog and I can hang up my calendars when-ever-I-want!

I was doing some serious organizing and cleaning today and took down that 2010 calendar and replaced the string with some new cards and pictures for the meantime. While browsing the web tonight I came across this 2011 calendar I really like and think would look great above my desk.

via oh my deer

Always great finds on Etsy--never fail!

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