October 11, 2010

Quiet Down!

When you meet people for the first time or are catching up with someone you haven't seen it always inevitably gets back to living and working in NYC. I suppose for some people this seems like a really wild lifestyle with bottles of liquor and catching cabs on Fifth Avenue--but in reality, that is not my life.

I live in Astoria--a perfectly populated area filled with Greek restaurants and the most delicious ice coffee you have ever tasted.

I live in a relatively quiet and residential part of Queens and while being just a few minute subway ride into Manhattan, it is no way near like living on 14th St. or even the UES. It is quiet. So quiet in fact that this morning around 6AM I was awoken to commotion outside my window. Commotion! Police! For me this is both exciting, as in my dream life I'm some bad ass detective prowling the streets for crime, and annoying because well its 6AM and I don't have to work today and so keep it down out there!

As I peeked out the window at the drama that was unfolding before my very apartment, I started to think about how this basically has never happened in the year I have lived in this place and more importantly, I'm really glad I live here. Maybe not necessarily in this apartment but living in Queens certainly has a lot to offer. Furthermore, living in NYC would be very good for the curious george that lives inside me but would be very bad for my sleep habits.

Astoria, I'm sticking with you.

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