June 9, 2010

Keeping Track..

I've been thinking quite a bit lately about canceling my gym membership for the summer.

On the one hand, it is beautiful outside and usually not THAT hot either early AM or later PM and by working out outside, instead of in a gym, I can get some Vitamin D and enjoy my neighborhood. It would motivate me to continue my running outside, which is much more challenging for me than inside, and it would allow me to pack less everyday for work. I'm usually carrying at least 5 bags that each weigh at least 100 lbs and I have probably injured approximately 43 people by ramming them with my belongings.

Oh--also its cheaper!

On the other hand, the gym is right across the street from my office. It allows me to have a little entertainment while I work out (I'll admit it, I watch Oprah on the treadmill!) which usually quiets my complaining and passes the time. It also has the benefit of free weights and nautilus equipment.

What to do?

In my constant search for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, exercising is important but lets be honest, sometimes it is hard to get in your workout regardless of the venue. Like right now, for instance, I am eating chips and salsa while I type this. I did not work out today. Today I am tired. Today I want to bake lemon bars instead of run. Today is a lazy day. It wouldn't matter where my workout was held--today it wouldn't happen anyway.

Speaking of health, check THIS out. Maggie Mason mentioned it on her blog today and I am instantly fascinated. It tracks my steps AND my sleep?! Food journals? Water journals? I'm kind of into it! I've always wanted to get a pedometer to see exactly what kind of exercise I get walking around this big city and this little device does a lot more than that.

Anyone have one?

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