May 16, 2010

Pony Island

James and I are taking a little mini vacation this week. Where to, you might be asking?! Well--Pony Island. HA! It's not actually called that but Jen started calling it that and I think it's cute.

We are going to visit Assateague Island which is off the coast of Ocean City, MD.

Basically as a little girl (and lets be honest, still..) I loved horses. My favorite favorite book was 'Misty of Cincoteague' and when James and I were chatting about summer plans a few months ago somehow we stumbled upon Assateague Island which is basically a haven of wild horses that the book I loved as a wee girl is about! There are two sides to the island, one in Maryland and the other in Virginia, and we are hoping to explore both.

We are staying on the boardwalk in Ocean City and I'm not sure about James, but I plan on eating my fair share of boardwalk goodies! Does this not sound wonderful? You might be thinking oh yeah yeah, I'm sure there is one lone horse roaming the island but seriously, there are tons. I mean, I haven't been there before but what I've seen in pictures--its my paradise.

If you search on Flickr for Assateauge Island--this is what you get:

I am getting very excited. I am sure between James and I we will have a million pictures of our own that I will post upon our return. It is a little bit of an adventure considering it is a city/island/beach town that neither of us has been to but we are hoping it will be the perfect getaway. We shall see!

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