April 11, 2010

Saturday Adventure

I'm from Boston (have I mentioned that?) I haven't lived in NY all my life--so the Bronx Zoo wasn't a standard Saturday adventure for my family. But, James felt like I was totally missing out on a great NYC sight so we headed out on Saturday morning to see what kind of wild life we could find.

James had his camera and although we were faced with wild animals (see below) he took more photos of the people watching the animals--a much more interesting concept for him. He was in charge of the map all day and guided us right along. I have to give him credit, this date was his idea and it was perfect.

Not only was it a beautiful day but we had the best time. Have you been there? It is really well kept and there is so much to see. We made our way through just about every single exhibit and strolled right along with the hundreds of kids that were roaming the park with us.

James and I had to laugh as at every exhibit there was a mom just rambling off information about that particular species of monkey or snake to her little boy. We couldn't tell if they were making it up or had read too many books about animals at bed time. Either way--there were A LOT of experts there yesterday.

We walked around for about four hours and took it all in. We knew it was time to head out as the toddler whines and cries started to get louder and louder throughout the park, signaling dinner time for everyone.

All in all, a perfect Saturday at the Zoo.


  1. I LOVE THE BRONX ZOO! Especially Gorilla Mountain. And Tiger Mountain! Man, those are the best.

  2. Gorilla mountain was lame I thought....3 bucks to see a bunch of kids blocking the windows. Kelley wouldn't go to the butterfly garden with me...