April 4, 2010


I had dinner last night with Becky, one of my good friends from work, and we got on the subject of Holidays. "Christmas!" she said. "I mean how much did that fly by..I can't even remember Christmas, it came and went". I agreed, sadly enough. She said that she started realizing this year, being on her own in a new city, that holidays don't have as much weight when your not surrounded by your family and they begin to mean less. For me, this is a sad reality but its true.

Today, its Easter and I sit in Jen's apartment with a bowl of shredded wheat and an english muffin for one. I can imagine my family, at home, putting together something delicious for breakfast and someone arguing about how they hate ham and can't/won't/under no circumstances eat it. I miss that. I want to be a part of that but at the same time, people start new traditions right? You grow up and you find your own 'family' and you do it your way? I feel like I'm in the in between of those two phases and part of me thinks that I'll always want to go 'home' for the holidays and thats okay too.

I mean how could you NOT want to go home and visit with this pup? He is clearly the most important member of my family.

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