April 15, 2010


I think I mentioned briefly about how I had the opportunity to take care of a sweet little babe last year in CT. I had a few months to spare after school was over and luckily I found this perfect family that lived in the woods that needed someone to take care of their little girl. She was around 7 or 8 months old when I started, just a pudgy little ball of love, and by the time I left she was over a year old and almost running around the house.

She is, by all accounts, a seriously gorgeous child. She is about to have a brother, in the next few weeks, and I'm while I'm headed back to CT for the weekend to visit with friends--you better bet that Fiona is on my list of people to see.

Her mom Amy Jean Porter, an artist, had their house in the woods decked out with art and the whole place was constantly filled with creativity. It was totally inspiring. It was a perfect place for me and I loved every minute there. I miss spending time with Fiona and although I'm sure she'll be a shy girl when I visit, it will be great to see her.

I've included a few illustrations from Amy Jean Porter that I love.

(via Amy Jean Porter)

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