February 15, 2010

Oscar Buzz: Up In The Air

On New Year's Day I went to see 'Up In The Air'. Nominated for Best Picture this film is understated but strong. The story of a travel savvy business man who jets from place to place and has seen the world but doesn't have a 'home'. The movie highlights the importance of having a connection not only to someone else or a family but also a home.

Other important things to note about this film:
1. I saw it a long time ago and things are blurred for me. Were there little blue men? Football players or Inglorious Bastards? I have no idea at this point its all kind of mixed together.
2. George Clooney = Smoking hot
3. Vera Farmiga (plays opposite GC) is gorgeous. If I look even 1/4 as good as she does when I'm her age--I'll be damn lucky.

Stay tuned for the rest of my insightful (and becoming more and more delirious!) reviews of these Oscar noms.

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