February 13, 2010

Oscar Buzz!

Last year I tried to see all the films nominated for 'Best Picture' and almost succeeded with the exception of 'The Wrestler' which I actually only watched for the first time a few months ago.

This year, I am on the same mission! Luckily, living in NYC, all the oscar nominated films being shown locally which makes my adventure a bit easier.

Last friday night, James and I went to see 'Hurt Locker' at Quad Cinema in Union Square.

A powerful movie (directed by a woman!) which follows an army bomb squad on their dangerous missions while in Iraq. It was a good mix of personal narratives about each character and suspenseful scenes involving crazy bomb scares. I really liked it--it felt real. I might not have seen this film had it not been nominated (I'm more of a drama kind of gal) but I'm glad I did.

Stay tuned for more oscar buzz!

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