February 11, 2010

Olympics: 2010

I am just a weeee bit excited about the Opening Ceremony tonight! Seriously kind of love the Olympics. I can remember watching figure skating as a little girl and staying up way past my bed time to see who got the gold! I had a Nancy Kerrigan poster hanging in my room and although I wasn't very graceful on the ice, I loved to watch and pretend.

Now, its the skiing that truly amazes me. I close my eyes as they race down the hill or fly off a jump--that is some seriously scary stuff. Although, come to think of it, I pretty much had my eyes closed during the 2008 Olympics when Michael Phelps won by the tip of his finger! I guess the Olympic Games are a little too down to the wire for my liking! BUT its about the rush.

Ryan McGinley recently did a shoot for NYT Magazine about the upcoming games and took some pretty amazing shots of the athletes in the midst of their sport. He captured the moments with style (as usual) and they came out incredible.

(via NYT via JWT)

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