February 10, 2010


Despite my affection for this love fest of a holiday, I have no plans to expect any big bouquets of roses or breakfast in bed on Sunday. I got a Valentines Day card in the mail today--from my mom. You can all see where this is headed.

BUT, lucky for you, I happen to have a few Valentines Day surprises up my sleeve for those of you who ARE expecting to be swept off your feet and need to give a little something too! Making a meal or a treat for someone you love is a gift itself so get in kitchen if your looking to impress!

First off, I'd get my hands on a sweet card like this one. Etsy is chalk full of AWESOME handmade cards and pretty much anything else lovely you can imagine. You can never go wrong with a sweet note!

(via upup)

Then, if your in charge of dinner I'd make this because well--I have been DIEING to make this for forever and would love for someone to tell me if it tastes as good as it looks. The Pioneer Woman has yet to disappoint me and so I am betting this is heavenly.

(via The Pioneer Woman)

If dessert was on your list of things to bring, BRING THESE. DO IT. TRUST ME. Valentines Day doesn't have to be about truffles and hand dipped strawberries, it can be about Oreos too.

(via smitten kitchen)

(PS: I am all about equality so if your making the dinner and scraping together some homemade Oreos you better be sure he or she is bringing the wine and something for you too! xo)

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  1. Um I am directing Mr. Christopher here because he is in charge of cooking the Valentine's day dinner. (cue scary music!)

    Also, I am in charge of making a funny website that will contribute something goofy to the world. We are swapping roles for Vday.

    ...and there is always take-out and Blogspot in case either of us fails...