January 27, 2010

Starting Now

Imagine for a minute that you had this idea to start a blog. Oh you might have had this idea waaaay back in 2009 but 2009 was the year of ideas and not exactly the year of DOING! Stick with me here--2010 rolls around and oh boy! you make a promise to yourself that you need to DO! and ACT! And so, despite it being a few weeks past New Years Day, my blog is born.

This isn't exactly what I wanted it to look like and I'm hoping, with a little help, I can make it pretty and just what I wanted it to be. But, lets be honest here, nothing happens over night and everything cannot be beautiful right away. Guess what? This doesn't have to be perfect. I know I know, you might have known this, but I'm just starting to figure this out. So, I've just started a blog and much like picking up a hobby you posses no skill at (more stories about my crochet class to come) it comes with practice and it evolves. I have so many things to share and so many gems I've tucked away for this exact place.

Stay tuned!